A Monster Inside 1.01 – Prologue

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The Celestial Dragon, encased in a ball of dust and ice fell through the cloudless sky, across the snow-edged peaks of the Rin Mountains, above the battlements of an ancient fortress of blackened stone. The firmament rumbled around it as ever more chunks of its prison broke apart and burned. The air was streaks of fire, if not as hot as the monster wanted. Throughout its endless journey, it had dreamed of fire. Fire hotter than magma, running down its scales, pooling at its claws. And when not plagued by the memory of warmth, it hungered. Always it hungered, for the taste of blood, for the feel of its teeth tearing through flesh.

The comet descended lower, charring the tops of large pine trees. Then it pummeled the earth, transforming dirt and wood into molten ash, and branches into kindle, smashing a huge, circular, crater into the ground. The dragon moaned, and the earth groaned. Pain flared like the sun, blooming within the steel-like plating of its chest.

For a time all it could do was lay there with its skull pressed into the dirt, injured wings limp, blood catching fire as it leaked from the bone sticking out of its side. The bone was huge, thicker than the trunk of a tree, polished so it gleamed brightly like an elegant diamond. As the billowing dust clouds dispersed, rays of sunlight glittered off of its gold and black scales webbed with tiny cracks.

The monster’s mind drifted and sounds faded. Everything faded, but its sense of smell. A world of endless black opened before it; it was like it was back among the stars once again. It could almost feel the solar winds inflating its wings as it sailed towards a distant point of light.

Its nose twitched; the forest was full of scents. A tree burning. Ash swirling. The sweet aroma of creatures unknown. Blood dripping.

The Celestial Dragon’s eyes unfurled, eyes of solid black encircled by a band of gold, from which sprouted twisted bolts of red. A cavernous hole opened up inside it, a need so powerful it could shatter mountains, lay waste to continents. Its blood boiled! Its stomach ached!

A gust of wind carried down to it the raised voices of tiny flesh-things coming in its direct. The monster smiled, a macabre display of teeth. Soon. Soon it would begin to quiet the torment at its core. It would feast on blood and flesh. It would rip, and it would claw!

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