The Hills are Shadows 6.02 – Erik

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Weak and stupid men fear being outmatched by women, and therefore they choose the frailest and most ignorant of mates. You are none of these things. 


Erik Ito, the third Prince of the kingdom of Vindur, fingered the long, blonde hair of his traumatized wife, Hanna Ito, who sobbed into his shoulder as he lay on his back. Despite her blood-drenched dress, hair, and flesh, many would have accounted her a beauty. Her blue eyes usually held an element of sadness, but today there was something more, a hint of rage and despair. He noticed when she lifted her head to look at him with a piercing stare. Continue reading “The Hills are Shadows 6.02 – Erik”


The Hills are Shadows 6.01 – Prologue

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The Dark One’s Church

Walls cannot protect you from the darkness; only light can do that. Love cannot free you from chains; only strength can do that.


Mrethren Örk’s dark gaze wandered about the ancient temple, but her thoughts lay elsewhere. Shattered stone walls, once shining examples of the grandeur of the Third Age, faded into a forest of pine and oak, thick with weeds and grass. Some of the last remnant of her Kvik—tall, gray-skinned warriors—moved through the dilapidated structure, clearing it of their current inhabitants. Even the corpse of the white-furred monster, with the body of a lion and head of a dragon, twitching at the other end of Örk’s spear could not hold her attention. Continue reading “The Hills are Shadows 6.01 – Prologue”